Project management

All projects are handled by a dedicated, multilingual project co-ordinator who oversees the scheduling of every phase of the work and all the people involved in making your project a reality. This team typically consists of variously talented and accredited people from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

Our intention is to offer more than simply project management; we aim to provide comprehensive and task-specific services. According to WENDON's internal work policy, each project co-ordinator handles only a small group of clients and will be the contact person with whom you establish a relationship and an understanding of the finer points and expectations regarding the finished project, resulting in a much higher degree of quality and consistency.

Our project co-ordinators guarantee that each individual involved in your projects will adhere to deadlines, follow the guidelines you establish, and be informed of all changes along the road to completion.

Our carefully constructed quality control system and in-house review procedures constitute an integral part of every phase of the life-cycle of a project.

No two projects are alike. It is our firm conviction that the key to effective project management is flexibility and communication. This is why we strive to create excellent working relationships with our clients, based on our expertise in the field and our desire to provide the best service; so that we may more effectively handle the challenges posed to us by our clients.

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